Essie Virgin Snow

11 October 2016

What I'm Wearing on My Nails #2 

So I definitely should be awarded with the best blogger at neglecting her blog posts. I am super sorry about this but please believe me when I say university is a busy, busy lifestyle! I've decided to do more spontaneous posts (still uploading on Tuesdays and Thursdays) where I will upload posts that are on my mind on the week as I just have no time to plan lots of different posts! Anyway, enough with the rambly intro, let's get on to the actual post. 

Last Monday, my new uni friends and I decided to go to the Cheshire Oakes Lock-In which was a student event where you could get extra discount of off some great brands. Cheshire Oakes is also an outlet village which house many great brands such as Nike, Barbour, Calvin Klein and many others, they also have a beauty outlet where they sell well-known beauty products at discounted rates. On our trip last week I ended up going to this beauty outlet and they had a HUGE nail varnish section and as you may know, I'm currently OBSESSED with nail varnishes at the moment so when I saw they were selling Essie nail varnishes I just had to look. 

This time round I picked up this cute purple shade. I keep going to grab the pale/pastel colours at the moment so when I noticed this shade I just had to pick it up. This is my first Essie nail varnisjh and I have heard so many great reviews that I thought I'd give them ago and as it was at a discounted price I was even more keen to try it. 

Well, I love this nail varnish. It's so shiny and beautiful to apply on the nails. This nail varnish needs about 2 coats but after that they just look fab. The brush nib is wide which is always better for application I think so again another plus. 

Overall, I am in love with this nail varnish and if  you haven't tried Essie nail varnishes before I definitely recommend trying them. I never actually told you how much I bought this for, I got this little beauty for £4.99! Which I think is a great save when it comes to Essie. 

Essie Virgin Snow Nail Lacquer (link

I will leave you for now and hopefully I will become a little more active on here again! How is everyone? I hope you're alright! Let me know what your favourite Essie nail varnish is as I would love to try a few more shades out! 

Love, Tabitha x