Hey Kittens, how have we all been? I'm currently sat in my university starbucks waiting for my lecture to start! I must admit it's rather dangerous having a student priced starbucks only 2 minutes from my flat as I constantly find myself in there. Today I have my current favourites to share with you and I have quite a few favourites at the moment! 

1. Herbal Teas & Tea 
Normally I am a coffee addict, you can't get me away from the stuff. However, I've feeling rather run down recently and I feel coffee just isn't helping so from recommendations from a friend I've tried a few herbal teas out and surprisingly, I really am enjoying a small herbal tea here and there. So far I have tried lemon & ginger, camomile & honey and finally peppermint, all of which I really like! I've also gotten in the habit to making an traditional english breakfast tea instead of a coffee and I love it, feeling like a classic brit.

2. Snail Mail 
I was approached by a lovely blogger, Charlene McElhinney over on twitter to see if I would like to be involved in the #BeeChat snail mail project and I jumped to the opportunity and I am so glad I did. I absolutely love settling down to write a letter to fellow bloggers! I have also been writing letters to my family and boyfriend from uni and they really love receiving a little thoughtful letter from time to time. Writing letters is a hobby that is dying out and I'm so happy there are people out there who want to bring the hobby back! 

3. Volleyball 
Before university, I would never of thought I would join the Volleyball team but it's become a new found sport I'm really enjoying. It's challenging but so much fun (it also makes your bum look fab - a major benefit to joining I would say!). Anyway, we train twice a week as well organised social which are always a lot of fun. I also find it really mentally stimulating as all I want to do is get better and try harder. If you get the chance to play, I definitely recommend it. 

4. Dance Moms 
I have recently rediscovered Dance Moms and oh wow I am loving it. I just can't stop watching it. Even though the mums and Abby can sometimes drive me crazy, I do equally love the drama. I also love watching the girls dance as I bloody wish I could dance like that, some major talent right there! If you haven't watched Dance Moms and you love a good guilty pleasure watch, then definitely take a look in to watching it! 

5. Chester Zoo Annual Membership 
This is quite a new favourite. As I'm now living in Chester as well as studying Animal Behaviour I only thought it was right to purchase a membership at Chester Zoo. One benefit is that it's only a 15 minute drive away and the bus only costs £4, for a return too. I visited the zoo yesterday and absolutely loved it, it's just such a relaxing atmosphere to walk around the zoo with tea/coffee in hand. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I do apologise for the awful photo quality but unfortunately my uni room is the darkest room EVER and my lights just don't help at all with the orange tinge. 

I have also decided to potentially hold a Paperchase giveaway when my blog reaches 100 followers on bloglovin! I hope to reach this little milestone and if I do, I'll definitely hold the giveaway as a massive thank you! 

Ta ta for now kittens, 
Lv, Tabitha x


There are so many fashion pieces that I am lusting over at the moment. I honestly want all of the items below to magically appear in my wardrobe ASAP. I soon to purchase a few when I've worked out how much money I can afford to spend (the tough life of being a student eh?) as some of these items I have been lusting over for quite some time. 

a. ASOS KENTUCKY Clear Heel Over The Knee Sock Boots (link) & ASOS CAMERON Knee High Boots (link)
I have been wanting some high knee boots since last Autumn/Winter but I still haven't gotten round to buying any. The two main problems I have is that 1, they can be incredibly expensive and 2, the ones I have tried on never seem to fit me right. They always seem to bag around my legs. Recently I was browsing on ASOS and I came across these two high knee boots and they are both priced at a relatively affordable price. I also love the colours as I feel lots of people go towards the black boots so these colours stood out to me as different. I would love to pair up those berry red high knee boots with some blue jeans. I just think that combo looks chic and sexy. 

b. Petite Blue Turn Up Hem Mom Jeans (link)
Mom jeans have been on my radar for a while. I used to hate the idea of baggy jeans but now that I see so many girls wearing them and making them look fab, I want to bite the bullet and try them out myself. I would definitely pair these jeans up with some trainers and tight top, a style I really want to be able to rock. 

c. Miss Selfridge Velvet Bralet (link)
I can't be the only one who is lusting over velvet!? I can't get enough of the stuff, I love the way it looks and feels when wearing a velvet piece. This bralet would be a great item for a night out in Chester. I used to be really self-conscious when wearing a crop top but now I just love them, especially when worn with high waisted jeans or skirts. 

d. Fashion Union Embroidered Front Sheer Shirt (link)
I have seen these tops EVERYWHERE I swear. A girl in my university accommodation has one and man, I wish I had one too. I like these tops because even though it does show off a lot of skin, I love the way they look as to be honest they look incredible sexy, especially when they are worn with high waisted black jeans. What I love about this one in particular is the embroidered flowers just covering your boobs, I honestly just love how this top looks.

So there you are, 5 items I lusting over at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to invest in a few of them soon! Are there items on my list that you're currently lusting over too? Please let me know in the comments below!

Love, Tabitha x
Those Reading Updates #5

Today I have book review for you! I recently signed up to the local library to my university (purely because my university library only stocks academic books) and I picked up a few books. One of those I finished a few days ago and I just had to share my thoughts as this book was in a way powerful.

The Blurb

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends - the Liars - whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True Love.
The Truth.

Some Thoughts:

- At first I found this book quite slow and confusing as I went into it quite blind, however I definitely now recommend going into it blind as it makes the book far more intriguing the further you get in to the story
- I really liked that throughout the book you were in the same situation as the narrative (Cady) of not knowing what happened to her during a summer, so it gave you the element of trying to figure out yourself
- However, I did not guess the ending and it took me by surprise. I legitimately had tears running down my face - I love a book that can surprise you with a fab plot twist
- I loved that the chapters were really short as it made the book really easy to read and broke up the story well
- I also enjoyed the other characters in the book supporting Cady
- I love E. Lockharts use of metaphors and emotions and how she linked those two together
- Cady at first came off across as a stereotypical posh girl but as the story goes on you start to warm to her and grow frustrated with the situation she gets put in
- I agree with other bloggers when they say that the title of the book gives you a misleading perception of the book
- E. Lockhart did an amazing job to put the whole story in under 250 pages, it was so incredible detailed for such a short book

I gave We Were Liars 4 Stars on Goodreads
Here are some useful links:
Goodreads - link
Amazon - link

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It definitely put me at the edge of my seat by the last 2-3 sections of the book. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a mysterious contemporary and to anyone who loves a great plot twist.

 Let me know if you've read this book and what are your thoughts? I'd love to know. Until next time beauties.

Love, Tabitha x

So far I am loving Chester and the surroundings, I really do love living here. Now I know that's quite a statement considering I've lived here for only just over 2 weeks however I'm happy that I've landed at a university in such a pretty area. Not only is Chester gorgeous but it has great shopping facilities (which I guess could be quite bad for myself considering I'm a student with little money, but oh well!). Yesterday my flatmate and I decided to take a trip to Cheshire Oaks (the outlet village I mentioned in my last post) as my flatmate hadn't been there yet and as we had a free day we thought we'd visit. 

There are honestly so many fab shops at Cheshire Oaks and the fact they're outlets make them even better. The majority of shops are designer or high branded shops but there are a few shops such as paperchase and The Body Shop; all selling their products for a cheaper price due to being an outlet. 

I definitely think that Cheshire Oaks is going to be the place to go before christmas to grab those great christmas present deals. I also want to go back before christmas as if I have been good with my money I would like to treat myself with a Barbour jacket as I am so in love with them, especially the wax jackets. 

A shop I was shocked to see was the Lindt shop, as soon as you stepped in there it just smelt devine. Not only did it smell amazing in there but it looked amazing, they had a Lindt pick 'n' mix! They had so many different flavours that I had no idea they even created. 

Like I said before, I definitely think Cheshire Oaks is the place to go before Christmas. The Lindt shop had so many great deals, such as 4 boxes of Lindt chocolate for only £14.50 - I'm definitely going back to buy some of those boxes for friends and family. They also had their cute little Christmas chocolates out which put me in such a christmassy mood, I honestly can't wait! 

After seeing the large pic 'n' mix variety, I couldn't just walk out with not trying a few, so I purchased a few to try when I got home. The flavours I got were white, hazelnut, coconut, caramel, citrus, orange, white & milk and cappuccino - so many great flavours right!? I've tried the citrus one and oh my, I need a box full of these ASAP! 

After walking round the Lindt shop and many others, we decided to sit down for a hot chocolate at the Thorntons Cafe. I can now say that Thorntons definitely provide the nicest hot chocolate. I had a white hot chocolate with cream on top and it was super yummy. I will definitely be revisiting Thorntons again for another hot chocolate that's for sure. 

We had such a great trip to Cheshire Oaks. It wasn't too busy too; I'm not a fan of over busy shopping trips but today was just perfect. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever been to Cheshire Oaks or somewhere similar? Until next time, 

Love Tabitha x 
What I'm Wearing on My Nails #2 

So I definitely should be awarded with the best blogger at neglecting her blog posts. I am super sorry about this but please believe me when I say university is a busy, busy lifestyle! I've decided to do more spontaneous posts (still uploading on Tuesdays and Thursdays) where I will upload posts that are on my mind on the week as I just have no time to plan lots of different posts! Anyway, enough with the rambly intro, let's get on to the actual post. 

Last Monday, my new uni friends and I decided to go to the Cheshire Oakes Lock-In which was a student event where you could get extra discount of off some great brands. Cheshire Oakes is also an outlet village which house many great brands such as Nike, Barbour, Calvin Klein and many others, they also have a beauty outlet where they sell well-known beauty products at discounted rates. On our trip last week I ended up going to this beauty outlet and they had a HUGE nail varnish section and as you may know, I'm currently OBSESSED with nail varnishes at the moment so when I saw they were selling Essie nail varnishes I just had to look. 

This time round I picked up this cute purple shade. I keep going to grab the pale/pastel colours at the moment so when I noticed this shade I just had to pick it up. This is my first Essie nail varnisjh and I have heard so many great reviews that I thought I'd give them ago and as it was at a discounted price I was even more keen to try it. 

Well, I love this nail varnish. It's so shiny and beautiful to apply on the nails. This nail varnish needs about 2 coats but after that they just look fab. The brush nib is wide which is always better for application I think so again another plus. 

Overall, I am in love with this nail varnish and if  you haven't tried Essie nail varnishes before I definitely recommend trying them. I never actually told you how much I bought this for, I got this little beauty for £4.99! Which I think is a great save when it comes to Essie. 

Essie Virgin Snow Nail Lacquer (link

I will leave you for now and hopefully I will become a little more active on here again! How is everyone? I hope you're alright! Let me know what your favourite Essie nail varnish is as I would love to try a few more shades out! 

Love, Tabitha x