Florida Haul

14 July 2016

As I said in my last post, I spent the last 2 weeks at Walt Disney World and of course, how could I go to America and not buy some goodies?! I know silly thought. As you can see from the picture below I bought rather a lot and I'm really excited to share with you what I bought! 
*Quick disclaimer: In no way am I bragging but I enjoy reading these posts and wanted to write my own. Not only that, but everything that I bought was with my own money that I saved up purely to take on this holiday* 

- Tinkerbell Notepads | I picked these up from the disney store at the Orlando airport before I jumped on the plane 
- Disney Novelty Pens | I LOVE these pens and I couldn't stop myself from buying them as you can see in the picture below
- Sorcerer Mickey Beach Towel | My boyfriend and I decided we would buy beach towels there and this is the one I chose

- The Official Autograph Book | How could I go to Disney World and not get the characters autographs? 
Meeting the characters was probably one of my favourite parts to the holiday. I have dreamt of meeting Mickey Mouse and the other famous characters and meeting them definitely met and exceeded my expectations. 

- Disney Pins | I adore the idea of Disney pin trading. I think it's hobby that can become very special. I started off collecting pins that meant something to and then I continued to buy 3 secret packs and I loved the pins I received, especially my beast pin and my stitch pin (the one where he's holding the tarantula)  
- Celebration Pins | I didn't buy this but if you've been to Disney World you'll know they give out celebration pins and as it was mine and matts first visit we received those pins. I also got the Happy Birthday pin as I was celebrating my birthday whilst I was out there. 

- Goody's Candy Co Sweets | We were on the dinning plan and at the end of our holiday we had LOTS of snack credits left so we decided to get a few packets of sweets to give to friends and family (and we came home with a lot of sweets) 
- Disney Novelty Mugs | I love collecting mugs, it's an obsession of mine (oops) and whilst I was there I picked up 3! I bought myself the cute Chip mug and the adorable Winnie the Pooh mug. I bought the Buzz Lightyear Sketch mug for my brother (which is also blooming cute!)
- Animal Kingdom Wine Glass | I bought this wine glass for my mum as I just thought it was really different and I'd know she would appreciate it
- Cinderella's Royal Table Wand | I didn't buy this wand but I was given it because I dined at Cinderella's Royal Table for my birthday, I'll go in to more detail about it in my 20th birthday post 

- Mickey Mouse Cap | Probably the best purchase I made over the whole holiday! 
- Walt Disney World Sweatshirt | I really wanted a jumper from Disney World and I'm really happy with the one I went with 

- Bullseye Pillow Pet | Whilst we were in Florida we went to the outlets and there was a Disney outlet store. I wanted to buy a pillow pet anyway so when I saw that this bullseye one was only $9.99 I just had to pick him up 

- Michael Kors Bag & Purse - Like I said we went to the Orlando outlets and I managed to buy myself a MK bag and purse for a ridiculous price and I love the look and style of these two items that I just had to pick it up! (We need a MK outlet store like that in the UK!) 
- Benefit's Do The Hoola Kit | I bought this kit on the flight home at duty-free price and I LOVE it, I'll have a post up about it soon 

I hope you enjoyed this post as I definitely enjoyed writing this post and enjoyed sharing what I bought whilst I was in Florida! Like I said I do plan to write at least 2 more posts on my holiday and hope you enjoy those posts when I do upload them. Have you been to Florida?

Tabitha xo

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