Those Reading Updates #3

I love tag posts. Especially book tags as I find they're such a great way to update your readers on your favourite books and bookish opinions. I found this tag over on youtube and this tag is to allow book bloggers to update their readers on their current book opinions as well as what you're currently reading and what you're planning on reading next! As you all know, I love reading and I thought this would be great tag to include in my TRU blog series.

I've just started reading 'Heir of Fire' by Sarah J. Mass as I want to be caught up with the series as the fifth book is released later this year. I am loving the series so far and I hope that this book is as good as the last book. 

I plan to read 'Poison Study' by Maria V. Synder. I found this book in one of my local charity shops and I was really excited when I found it as so many people rave about this book. I can't wait to start it. 

Definitely 'A Court Of Mist and Fury' by Sarah J. Mass. I read 'A Court Of Thorns and Roses' about a month ago and I adored the story line. I love the characters and I found it all so captivating so I'm definitely going to be purchasing that book when I can. Although, I am trying to not buy any books as I have quite a few books already on my bookshelf that I have not started reading! 

Another book by Sarah J. Mass but I can't wait for 'Empire of Storms' to be released. This will be the 5th book in the 'Throne of Glass' series and it comes out this September. I can't wait to be caught up with everyone else in the series. 

Again, I'm mentioning a Sarah J. Mass book but I loved Feyre in 'A Court Of Thrones and Roses'. She was such a strong character and enjoyed reading about her in the book, which is also why I can't wait to read 'A Court Of Mist and Fury'. 

Definitely Fantasy. I tried reading a contemporary book the other day and as much as I enjoyed it, I craved the fantasy elements that I have been reading in my other books.

This post definitely turned in to a Sarah J. Mass appreciation post!! But she does write brilliant books, so I'm not complaining! I hope you enjoyed this post! What are you currently reading? 

Tabitha xo

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Whilst I was away visiting Disney World, I turned 20. To be honest, as I was incredible excited to just be visiting Disney I didn't even think about my birthday until maybe the day before. My boyfriend said that I could decide on what park we would visit on my birthday and because I adore anything to do with animals I chose Animal Kingdom and I was so pleased we did go on my birthday as it was such a beautiful park and I felt incredibly lucky to be able to celebrate my birthday there.

One of the plus sides of having a birthday at Disney is that they give you a Happy Birthday Badge. Now when you wear this badge, pretty much every cast member notices and they do try and make your birthday as special as they can, even by saying happy birthday and noticing does make you feel pretty special. Whilst we visited Animal Kingdom I treated myself to two pandora charms. I love my bracelet and it seemed silly if I didn't treat myself to a charm to remind myself of this wonderful holiday. I decided on the Mickey Mouse Charm and the Belle Charm (as she's my inner princess, I'm sure).

Our original plan for dinner was  to dine at the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom but on a whim Matt rung up 'Cinderella's Royal Table' the day before to see if we could get a booking in at some point this week and out of chance the only table they had was on my birthday so we booked it and I'm so glad we did.

On arrival we were greeted by Cinderella herself and it was lovely to have this interaction with her as we hadn't met her yet and it also made the dinning experience feel a little more special. After we met her we waited for our seats and soon enough our table was announced and we made it up to the restaurant.

This restaurant is so beautiful especially because it's situated in the famous castle as well. When arriving to our table we were presented with a wishing star each, a wand and a sword. The small details is what also makes it so special. When ordering we found out we could have a starter as well, so I chose the tomato and basil soup and Matt chose the cheese board. Devine. For dinner I had a port dish where as Matt chose the cod dish and both of the meals were also scrumptious!

During our meal, there would be an announcement, soon following the entrance of the different princesses. We met Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Jasmine. Each interaction was wonderful, all saying happy birthday and having a hug and picture with them. I know I'm 20 now but there's always a great feeling of accomplishment when you meet the Disney Princesses you always admired.

After we had dessert (I'm pretty sure I had a chocolate dessert themed as the clock in cinderella and Matt has a sorbet - again, delicious) I was presented with a little cupcake and our waitress that served us all night sung Happy Birthday to me. I was a little embarrassed but I loved every second of it too. Overall our meal was beautiful and I'm sure we'll dine there again come our next trip (which will hopefully be sooner than we hope).

To finish off my birthday at Disney, we went on two rides, those being Buzz Lightyears Ride and Space Mountain (one of Matt's and I's favourite ride there) and after that we settled down by main street to watch the evening firework shows (Wishes and Celebrate the Magic).

Overall I had the best birthday I could of wished for. Spending it somewhere I'd never thought I'd be lucky enough to visit!

Tabitha xo

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I constantly find myself browsing through pinterest and I always find such beautiful photos on there, motivating me to try new things or inspiring me to try new clothes and looks! Here are just a few pins that I have been loving recently. 

This Coffee Banner and Coffee Cup (pin 1) | This Pink Ice Cream and Beach View (pin 2

This Motivational Quote (Pin 3) | This Cute Pup (Pin 4

These Succulents (Pin 5) | This Cacti Top (Pin 6

These Bullet Journal Dividers (Pin 7) | This Bunch of Flowers (Pin 8

This High Waisted Jeans (Pin 9) | This Morning Camping Photo (Pin 10

That Pony Tail (Pin 11) | These Blushes (Pin 12

I think I'll probably upload a summer inspired 'Pinterest Love' post during the summer months as the sun has got me really excited for summer days out and there are so many pretty summer pins on my pinterest at the moment which are also getting me into the summer spirit. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you been loving any specific pins recently? Send me some links down below in the comments! 

*All pins have been linked so you can pin them too!!* 

Tabitha xo 

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First Impressions #1 

I have been looking to buy benefit's Hoola contouring powder for ages but I have never gone through with the purchase. I guess I'm still in the mind set of 'spending more than £10-15 on makeup just seems too much'. However, when I was on the plane to Florida I flicked through their duty-free catalog and came across this gem, the Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit

Within this kit you are given 6 mini makeup products, as well as a tips and tricks booklet to help you complete your bronzed makeup look. My first impression on this was how amazing the products were inside. I was really impressed with what you received in this box set as not only did you receive the hoola powder but you also got the liquid version of it too. All the products inside are products that I know I can't wait to start using. Products that are included are:

- Dew The Hoola 
- Hoola Powder 
- Benebalm 
- Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss 
- 'They're Real' Mascara 

I'm most excited to start using the powder and liquid hoola contour as well as the mascara. I've never used a liquid contour so it will be interesting to find out if I love it or hate it.  I bought this kit for £24 (duty-free price) and I thought it was a great price for what I was receiving. Bargain right?

I can't wait to start using these products in to my daily makeup routine. What I also love about this box set is that I can now try out a few different benefit products and if I fall in love, I just might spend that little extra to add them to my makeup collection permanently. Have you used any of these products? 

Tabitha xo 

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Those Reading Updates #2 

Recently I have been doing a little digging within my local charity shops. I was never one to take a wonder in to a charity shop as I always thought I'd find a book that I would 100% in to. Until I noticed what great finds you can discover, after taking a few trips to the charity shop with my mum. The other day, I managed to find 7 books within a couple of charity shops that I never thought I'd find in there. I was truly amazed and the price for all 7 makes me even happier. I only spent a maximum of £9 in total! Bargain, I know. 

Here are the books I managed to pick up during my visit to my local charity shops.

- You're The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher | I have heard that she's written some great contemporaries and I've been in a very contemporary mood lately
- The Versions Of Us by Laura Barnett | A book I've seen here and there within the book blog/tube community 
- The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland | Any book suggesting its about witches and you've already got me hooked 

- The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern | I have heard so much about this book and it was only 65p so I thought it was a great chance to pick this book up 

- Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder | Another book I have seen being mentioned in the book blog/tube community 
- Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris | True Blood (the TV show based of this book) is a massive hit so I thought I'd give the book a go first before pondering in to the TV series 
- The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella | I have heard the book is a lot different to the film and everyone loves Sophie Kinsella's writing 

I'm really happy with all the finds I found in my local charity shops and it's definitely encouraged me to dig a little more in them. I also find that it helps me find books that I normally wouldn't pick up before due to how cheap they are, it makes me a little more adventurous when it comes to genres. Another plus side from buying from a charity shop is that you're helping the charity that you're buying from, meaning your money is going to a good cause. Do you buy from charity shops?

Tabitha xo

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*All books have been linked to their goodreads page 
As I said in my last post, I spent the last 2 weeks at Walt Disney World and of course, how could I go to America and not buy some goodies?! I know silly thought. As you can see from the picture below I bought rather a lot and I'm really excited to share with you what I bought! 
*Quick disclaimer: In no way am I bragging but I enjoy reading these posts and wanted to write my own. Not only that, but everything that I bought was with my own money that I saved up purely to take on this holiday* 

- Tinkerbell Notepads | I picked these up from the disney store at the Orlando airport before I jumped on the plane 
- Disney Novelty Pens | I LOVE these pens and I couldn't stop myself from buying them as you can see in the picture below
- Sorcerer Mickey Beach Towel | My boyfriend and I decided we would buy beach towels there and this is the one I chose

- The Official Autograph Book | How could I go to Disney World and not get the characters autographs? 
Meeting the characters was probably one of my favourite parts to the holiday. I have dreamt of meeting Mickey Mouse and the other famous characters and meeting them definitely met and exceeded my expectations. 

- Disney Pins | I adore the idea of Disney pin trading. I think it's hobby that can become very special. I started off collecting pins that meant something to and then I continued to buy 3 secret packs and I loved the pins I received, especially my beast pin and my stitch pin (the one where he's holding the tarantula)  
- Celebration Pins | I didn't buy this but if you've been to Disney World you'll know they give out celebration pins and as it was mine and matts first visit we received those pins. I also got the Happy Birthday pin as I was celebrating my birthday whilst I was out there. 

- Goody's Candy Co Sweets | We were on the dinning plan and at the end of our holiday we had LOTS of snack credits left so we decided to get a few packets of sweets to give to friends and family (and we came home with a lot of sweets) 
- Disney Novelty Mugs | I love collecting mugs, it's an obsession of mine (oops) and whilst I was there I picked up 3! I bought myself the cute Chip mug and the adorable Winnie the Pooh mug. I bought the Buzz Lightyear Sketch mug for my brother (which is also blooming cute!)
- Animal Kingdom Wine Glass | I bought this wine glass for my mum as I just thought it was really different and I'd know she would appreciate it
- Cinderella's Royal Table Wand | I didn't buy this wand but I was given it because I dined at Cinderella's Royal Table for my birthday, I'll go in to more detail about it in my 20th birthday post 

- Mickey Mouse Cap | Probably the best purchase I made over the whole holiday! 
- Walt Disney World Sweatshirt | I really wanted a jumper from Disney World and I'm really happy with the one I went with 

- Bullseye Pillow Pet | Whilst we were in Florida we went to the outlets and there was a Disney outlet store. I wanted to buy a pillow pet anyway so when I saw that this bullseye one was only $9.99 I just had to pick him up 

- Michael Kors Bag & Purse - Like I said we went to the Orlando outlets and I managed to buy myself a MK bag and purse for a ridiculous price and I love the look and style of these two items that I just had to pick it up! (We need a MK outlet store like that in the UK!) 
- Benefit's Do The Hoola Kit | I bought this kit on the flight home at duty-free price and I LOVE it, I'll have a post up about it soon 

I hope you enjoyed this post as I definitely enjoyed writing this post and enjoyed sharing what I bought whilst I was in Florida! Like I said I do plan to write at least 2 more posts on my holiday and hope you enjoy those posts when I do upload them. Have you been to Florida?

Tabitha xo

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If you haven't seen my recent twitter, instagram and snapchat posts (and the title) then you're probably wondering where I have been over these last few weeks. Well let me tell you where I was and what I was doing. On the 25th June I flew from London all the way to Orlando International to full fill one of my life long dreams, to visit Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, this trip distracted me from writing a blog, causing me to go on a little hiatus from blogging. BUT, I was in Disney World and it's somewhere I have dreamt of going for as long as I can remember so the last thing I was thinking about was blogging (sorry!!). It's okay now, as I'm back with many blog post ideas in my head.

I thought I would insert a few photos from the last 2 weeks whilst I was in Florida, these are just a few of my favourites. I will be uploading a few more photos later to date as I have a few disney posts ideas (including a Florida haul and what I got up to on my 20th birthday at Disney). 

I know this post was short but I have a few planned posts coming up on my blog and I'll be falling in to a new routine as I have now finished college (meaning I have more time to create new content). I hope to upload at least 2 to 3 posts a week over the summer holidays but bare with me, as I need to organise my schedule first. What have you all recently been getting up to?

Tabitha xo

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