May TBR 2016

3 May 2016

Hey all, 

This month is my second from last month before I leave college, meaning I have a lot of work to get done but it's good because I have finally caught up with work, it's just the case of getting all future work done now - which I know I can do. I can't believe how quick this year is going and how soon I'll be heading off to university, even though I'm excited, I'm pretty nervous too. 
I have 3 books this month that I hope to get to this month. Hopefully college work and work won't consume too much of my time so I can get some of these books read this month. 

Here are the books I hope to read in May // 
Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch 
Stardust by Neil Gaiman 
City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare 

'Snow Like Ashes' has been on my shelf for quite a while now and I'm so intrigued by the story that I just want to get to it now and I also want to catch up in the series as well. So hopefully I'll enjoy the first book and want to continue you on with the rest of the books! 
I have seen the film 'Stardust' the film but I have heard the books is great and very magical so I thought I would pick it up when I saw it on a market stool in London. I can't wait to dive in to this story and it's not a very big book so hopefully I'll fly through it too. 
I'm currently reading 'City of Bones' and I LOVE it, I'm rereading the first two books so I can continue on with the series as for some reason I didn't get any further than 'City of Ashes'. I'm enjoying 'City of Bones' a lot more than I remember I did, so I want to continue on with the series so I can catch up with everyone else. 

So these are the books I hope to read this month and hopefully I will be able too. There's a half term in May, so if I can get all my work done by then I'll be able to binge read as much as I can. What do you plan to read this month? How many books did you read last month? I would love to know. 

Love you all, 
Tabitha x