OOTD #1 

This past Friday, a few of my friends and I went out in Shoreditch to celebrate one of my friends 20th birthday. It was such a great night, having a few drinks and partying all night long. I've never been out in Shoreditch before but if you're local to London and are thinking of going, I definitely recommend it. It's a lot of fun and you meet a lot of interesting and quirky people too! I thought I would share what I wore that evening (being my first OOTD post on my blog!). 

Dress - Missguided
Heels - New Look
Bracelet - Pandora 
I loved this dress, I was worried it wouldn't fit me when it arrived in the post but I think it fitted me pretty well. I loved that it was fitted around my waist and bum and then it was loose around my chest area. I also adore the high neck (I'm definitely a lover for the high neck pieces). I love my boot heels as they seem to work with almost everything and they're such an easy shoe to wear. 

Here's a close up of my makeup from Friday too as well as some other pictures from the night. 

Over I had a fab night and I can't wait for another night (hopefully soon). I hope you enjoyed my first every OOTD post, I plan to do many more over the summer holidays. 

Tabitha xoxo 

I love pinterest and I'm always finding beautiful and inspiring photographs on there. I always regretted not taking a photography course at college as I find the hobby and skill so fascinating and the end piece always looks great, so I appreciate the photography that I find on pinterest.
I recently discovered Mandy over on A Girl, Obsessed and every now and then she shares pins that she's been loving and it inspired me to create a post like hers. I love scrolling through her pin posts and it made me want to share my pins with you too.

 This open-backed top is just stunning (pin 1) | I found this makeup look when searching Mac lipsticks and I love it (pin 2
 This cute picture of a couple made me smile and think of me and my boyfriend (pin 3) | I adore these bunch of flowers (pin 4
 After seeing this photo, all I want to do now is go to Lush and have a binge shop (pin 5) | These frozen yogurt pots are a brilliant idea, definitely re-creating these during the summer holidays (pin 6)
 All these sunglasses are so pretty (pin 7) | I love the look of these vintage looking caps (pin 8
 I love this bear bun look, I can't seem to pull it off myself unfortunately (pin 9) | I've been loving blonde hair at the moment and this style is so pretty! (pin 10
I've recently stuck loads of photos on my wall and this photo inspired me to do so (pin 11) | This excites me to start packing my hand luggage (pin 12

I have linked all of the photos above if you want to pin them yourself. Are there any pins that you're loving at the moment? If so, please send me some links down below, I would love to check them out! 

Follow me on pinterest :) 

Tabitha xoxo 
Recently I have been debating whether to change my blog url. Originally it was Tabitha Reads Books and as much as I loved discussing books, I found my content quite 'samey'. I've really been wanting to write a few more blogposts on what I've been up to and what my favourite outfit is at the moment so I took the plunge and renamed my blog. The main reason to changing my blog's url, was so I could attract a wider audience (to make new blogging friends) as well as being able to write different posts.

I hope you don't mind the change and enjoy my new posts as I can't wait to start creating new content; I have a lot of plans up my sleeve already. In fact here are a few posts to expect on my blog in the coming future:

- Outfit of the day posts (ootd) including day to day, night outs and holiday outfits 
- Beauty hauls including zoella, drugstore, high end products and lush 
- Holiday posts including what's in my hand luggage and daily/weekly updates 
- University posts including leading up to updates, packing and regular updates when I'm there (maybe even a few vlogs)
- Opinion posts including posts regarding specific topics that I have a said opinion on 
- Book posts including monthly wrap ups & TBRs, book hauls and book review posts 

As you can see I have quite a few posts planned that will be spread over the summer holidays. I plan to post at least one or two posts over the next few weeks whilst I finish my final year at college but over the summer I plan to catch up and create new exciting content as I'll have more time then.

I do hope you like these new changes as I know I'm happy with the changes I have made and like I said before I can't wait to start creating this new content. Please let me know what you think below and I would love some post recommendations too.

Tabitha xoxo

Over the next 6 weeks I wont be able to produce much content for my blog due to the shear amount of coursework I have and I have limited time to get it all done. Unfortunately this means my reading process will be a lot slower than normal - which is the worst but my education must come first if I want to go university this coming September.

I thought I would briefly update you all on what I'm currently reading and my current thoughts towards the book I'm reading! If you haven't guessed, the book I'm reading is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So far, I'm only 100 pages into the book but I can tell it's going to be a riveting and heart wrenching read. The character building is beautiful and I'm really starting to understand each of the characters and slowly falling in love with them.
I decided to start this book as the movie is released in to the cinema early June and I want to be one of the firsts to go watch it (which means, I need to read the book before hand).

I hope you enjoyed this short post. I apologise in advance for the lack of posts that'll be uploaded over the next couple of weeks but I'll definitely catch up with my posts over the summer holidays! I also plan to upload a couple of vlogs - so keep an eye out for those too.

Love you all, Tabitha x

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went on a spontaneous shopping trip. Are main aims was for me to get some makeup and a suit for my boyfriend but obviously, I had to go into the bookstore (to my boyfriends dislike). I'll be honest, I didn't stay long in the bookstore as we were on our way home and I already knew what book I wanted. Luckily it wasn't hard to find the book I wanted as there was a whole shelf dedicated to the author, that author being Cassandra Clare. The book I ended up getting was 'City of Ashes', the second book in the Mortal Instrument Series (written by Cassandra Clare).

I'm currently reading 'City of Bones' and I'm loving it more than I did when reading it the first time round. So, that convinced me to buy the second book as I want to read it as soon as I can, so I can continue on with the series. I also had to get this version of the book cover, as I just think they look beautiful and I can't wait to have the full series on my bookshelf!

That's the only book I bought this time round as I want to try and use my local library more often when it comes to getting new books (saving those pennies). Have you read 'City of Ashes'? Did you enjoy it?

Love you all, Tabitha x
As I have mentioned before, I used to write a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog and I do miss the posts I used to write over on that blog, such as, outfit of the day posts, fashion haul posts, recipe posts and general lifestyle posts. I'm currently trying to incorporate those posts over on to this blog. Today I thought I would share with you what I have been buying in preparation to my holiday in June!

I fly off on holiday in exactly 7 weeks, so I thought it would be a great idea to start buying some summer holiday essentials. I've been loving so many shops at the moment, one shop in particular is H&M. They have some beautiful styles in at the moment that I just could resist. I've also picked up a bikini from Primark and I'm really impressed with the quality and look of the bikini.
Primark playsuit - £10 
Primark Bikini Top - £6 
Primark Bikini Bottoms - £4 
H&M Halter Crop Top - £6.99 
H&M High-Waisted Shorts - £7.99 
 H&M Coachella Halter Playsuit - £12.99 
H&M Coachella Halter Playsuit - £12.99 

So that's everything that I have recently bought. I love everything that I have bought and they have all at great prices! I still have quite a list of what I would like to buy myself for my holiday and for summer in general. I just need to keep an eye on how much I'm spending - whoops! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I have linked as many of the clothes that I could, so if you wanted to look at them, you can! 
Let me know what you thought of the post down below in the comments. 

Love you all, 
Tabitha x 

The other day I took a trip to my local book library. I have been planning to go down to my library for ages but just haven't had the time but I'm glad that I finally found the time. I've missed visiting the library as it's something I used to do with my family quite frequently and I enjoyed picking out different books and reading them. I also loved the summer challenges, I almost wish I could take part in one this year but I'm unfortunately too old to partake - damn. 

Unfortunately my library isn't very big so the young adult section isn't enormous but I did find some books that I'm interested to read - I'm also able to reserve books online and my library will message me when I'm able to pick them up. The books I picked up are a mixture of fantasy, contemporary and thriller. All of which, I'm excited to get too. 

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini 
Watcher by Lee Weatherly 
Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira 
This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith 

Out of all of the books, I'm most excited to read 'Trial by Fire' as it's based on witches and I love anything to do with witches, I find the subject fascinating. I also picked up some contemporaries as I really fancy a fluffy read. I can't wait to read all of these books, do any of you get books out of the library as well?? 

Love you all, 
Tabitha x

Hey all, 

This month is my second from last month before I leave college, meaning I have a lot of work to get done but it's good because I have finally caught up with work, it's just the case of getting all future work done now - which I know I can do. I can't believe how quick this year is going and how soon I'll be heading off to university, even though I'm excited, I'm pretty nervous too. 
I have 3 books this month that I hope to get to this month. Hopefully college work and work won't consume too much of my time so I can get some of these books read this month. 

Here are the books I hope to read in May // 
Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch 
Stardust by Neil Gaiman 
City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare 

'Snow Like Ashes' has been on my shelf for quite a while now and I'm so intrigued by the story that I just want to get to it now and I also want to catch up in the series as well. So hopefully I'll enjoy the first book and want to continue you on with the rest of the books! 
I have seen the film 'Stardust' the film but I have heard the books is great and very magical so I thought I would pick it up when I saw it on a market stool in London. I can't wait to dive in to this story and it's not a very big book so hopefully I'll fly through it too. 
I'm currently reading 'City of Bones' and I LOVE it, I'm rereading the first two books so I can continue on with the series as for some reason I didn't get any further than 'City of Ashes'. I'm enjoying 'City of Bones' a lot more than I remember I did, so I want to continue on with the series so I can catch up with everyone else. 

So these are the books I hope to read this month and hopefully I will be able too. There's a half term in May, so if I can get all my work done by then I'll be able to binge read as much as I can. What do you plan to read this month? How many books did you read last month? I would love to know. 

Love you all, 
Tabitha x

Hey all, 

Today I bring to you my April wrap up, it's been a great month. Had a lovely Easter holidays and I have finally caught up with college assignments and I'm just feeling pretty great at the moment! I read a total of 3 books this month and I'm happy about that as I haven't been able to read so much recently due to college, so 3 is fab especially when one of the books was really long too!

// Demigods and Monsters (Sphinx #2) // Raye Wagner // 4½ Stars // 
This is the second instalment to the Sphinx series written by Raye Wagner and I actually really enjoyed it, more so than the first one. There was more character building and more characters were introduced, all incredible intriguing. I loved that we finally met more demigods and learnt about different Gods, which is my favourite thing within greek mythology books. I was sent the eBook from Raye Wagner herself and I'm very grateful for her doing so and I can't wait for the third instalment!

// Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4) // J.K. Rowling // 5 Stars // 
I'm so happy I decided to read these books, I love the films but I am LOVING the books even more. 'Goblet of Fire' was great, so much happened and it was non-stop throughout the whole book, I also loved seeing more of each character and meeting new ones. For instance, I loved how much Dobby was in the book as we don't get to see him much throughout the films, whereas in 'Goblet of Fire' he pops up everywhere. I'm definitely going to continue on with the series and I can't wait to see what new information I find out within 'The Order of the Phoenix'.

// Room // Emma Donoghue // 5 Stars // 
I was incredible skeptical going in to this book, I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did, due to it being an adult fiction book and that it was written in the perspective of a 5 year old. Boy was I wrong. This book was phenomenal, brilliant and so eye opening. It was very interesting reading from Jack's perspective and Emma Donoghue wrote him perfectly. Since reading the book I have watched the film and the book is so much better by far, the journey was definitely more thrilling and exciting than it was in the film (the actors in the film were spot on though, I just enjoyed reading about the story than watching it, thats all). 

What have you all read this month? Also did you all have a good Easter? I hope to read the same amount of books next month too. I only have 2 months left of college and then I'm off for over two months for summer which I'm looking forward to - so much reading time! Keep an eye out for my May TBR post :) 

Love you all, 
Tabitha x