My TBR Challenge 2016

19 April 2016

Hey Book Lovers, 

I am incredible late with this post but better late than never, no? Recently I have noticed many people mentioning their TBR challenges when they discuss their monthly wrap-ups and I just thought, why don't I have some TBR challenges? It would make reading different books each month even more fun than it already is. Most people have 12 challenges (a challenge each month) but as I'm quite late to giving myself some challenges I thought I'd only give myself 10. I'm also not going to assign myself a new challenge as the months go by, I'm just going to go through each month and if it ticks a book corresponds with a challenge, I'll tick the box to that challenge. Below I have listed the 10 challenges I have given myself... 

  1. Read an adult fiction book // It's a genre I don't normally choose to go to 
  2. Read a classic book // It's a genre I don't normally choose to go to 
  3. Read a graphic novel // I don't pick these books up enough 
  4. Read a YA contemporary // I don't pick these books up enough 
  5. Read a book with mental illness involved // I just haven't read a book with mental illness involved 
  6. Read a new release // I'm always so behind when it comes to reading new releases 
  7. Read a large/big book (over 600 pages) // Just to challenge myself 
  8. Start a new series (a series I haven't read yet, but want too) // There are many series I want to start! 
  9. Finish a series (a series I have started but not yet finished) // I have started a few series and I haven't been able to finish them, so hopefully I will with this challenge 
  10. Take part in a read-a-thon // I haven't taken part in one, and so I'd like to experience them too. 
I have also decided that I will be tallying each challenge, so I'll tally any book that counts under each of the challenges, so if I read an adult book this month and in July, I'll write both books down under the challenge it full's under! - I hope that all makes sense! 

I'll update you later in the year what challenges I have completed and what book's I've read to complete them! 

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. 
Do you have any 2016 TBR challenges? 
Love you all, 
Tabitha x