Currently Reading #4

15 April 2016

Hey Book Lovers and All,
  Next week I'm back to college and my break will be over (if you can call it a break, I've been working non-stop and still doing so), I've enjoyed the Easter holidays and I now can't wait for May half term and the summer holidays! I've been trying to keep up with my college work as well as get some reading in and think I'm doing okay at the moment - here's hoping anyway! I've read two books so far this month and now on my third, although have only just started it so haven't got too much of an opinion on it just yet.

I'm currently reading 'Room' by Emma Donoghue and it's a book that I normally wouldn't pick up. As you may know, the film came out a few months ago and my mum went to watch it and said it was a really good film, this encouraged me to read the book. 
I'll be honest, I do know what happens throughout the story but I don't know all the specific information that happens within the book. I was really shocked when I realised that the book is written in the perspective of Jack (the 5 year old son), meaning the grammar and language within this book is quite basic and very much like a 5 year old, which so far I'm amazed with, I don't know how Emma Donoghue has managed to get it spot on but she has. 

The whole concept and the story to this book is incredible intriguing and I can't wait to get further in to the book, I'll definitely be writing a review later on to let you know what I thought of the book overall. 

Have any of you read 'Room'? & if so, did you enjoy it? I would love to know. 

Until next time, Love you all, 
Tabitha x