Fictional Items You Want // Top 5 Wednesday #3

16 March 2016

Top Five Wednesday was created by Lainey gingerreadslainey on YouTube. Check out the T5W goodreads page here

It's been a while since I last took part in the Top 5 Wednesday meme but I thought this weeks topic was a real interesting one, as there is many items I would love from the books I have read. I also look forward to see what other individuals pick, so if you have written a post or filmed a video of you doing this meme, please comment it down below. 
  In no particular order, here are the 5 items I'd love to have from books I've read... 

1. A wand from the Harry Potter Series - Who wouldn't want a wand?! I think it's many peoples dreams of received their Hogwarts letter when they were younger so by having a wand it means I would then be a wizard and that seems pretty awesome to me. 

2. Hermione's bag from the Harry Potter Series - If I could have a bag that had an endless amount of space, SO many problems would be solved. Can you imagine having a tiny bag but within have ALL your stuff and not having to worry about carrying a huge heavy bag around!? 

3. Cinders new and improved cyborg hand - When cinder gets her new hand within the series it's awesome, the amount of things she can do with it is super cool, so if I ever was a cyborg, I know I'd want her hand. 

4. Katniss' bow and arrows from Mockingjay - Katniss's bow and arrow (especially in Mockingjay) is so badass it's ridiculous. Not only does it look beautiful, it has awesome arrows that do awesome things, such as blow up and catch things a light! I'm also a scout warden at a scout camp, so can you imagine how cool archery instruction would become?? 

5. A daemon from Northern Lights - I know this is quite an odd one (and I'll be honest I haven't fully read the book) but when I watched the film, I thought it was so cool that their souls were a daemon. I always wanted to have my own little daemon to keep me company. 

So that's my T5W post for the week, I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you've written a post don't forget to comment it down below! 

Love you all, 
  Tabitha x