Currently Reading #3

8 March 2016

Hey Book Lovers,
  I'm coming to you today with another currently reading post, I enjoy writing these posts as I feel it gives you a quick idea of what I'm thinking of the book I'm currently reading and it's a nice little update to give you all. I'm on to my second book this month and I feel like this month will be a little more successful that last months, so I hope to read a few more books!
  On to what I'm currently reading...

This book is the sequel to 'Dorothy Must Die' by Danielle Paige and I really enjoyed that book, one of my favourite reads of 2016. I received this book at Christmas as I enjoyed the first one so much, I asked if my mum could pick it up. Another reason why I'm reading this book is that the sequel to this book is coming out really soon (March 15th) so I want to have read it before it's released or so I can pick up the final book as soon as possible.
  So far I'm enjoying the book, remembering what happened in the last book and also getting reintroduced to the characters from the first book too (I'll have to admit, I don't 100% remember all of the characters names, so I'm glad it's kind of got a recap at the start of the book). I haven't got much else I can say about it due to not being that far in to the book but I am excited to visit Oz again and to see whether Amy succeeds in her tasks.

Have any of you read the 'Dorothy Must Die' books? What are you're opinions on them?

Love you all,
  Tabitha x