What I'm Currently Reading #2

14 February 2016

Hey Book Lovers,
  Today I thought I would update you on what I'm currently reading! Firstly I thought I'd ask a question, would you like to see me upload a youtube video?? It's something I've wanted to do for a while as I love watching them and I just think they look so fun to film. I don't just want to upload book related videos, I also want to upload some vlogs, I plan to buy myself a go pro in the next month or too so that I can record some cool footage on some of my outings (for instance, I'm going to the Warner Brother Studios soon with my boyfriend and it would be awesome to record the experience!). So please let me know what you think? As it's something I would love to try and it would be lovely to know know what you guys think of it too!
  Now, on with what I'm currently reading...

This month I have gone a little crazy when it comes to the Lunar Chronicles! I decided I would try and marathon the series and so far I haven't failed, as you can see, I'm now on the final book of the series and I'm feeling many emotions as I read through the pages. Firstly, I'm so excited to be reading this book as I look forward to see how this series is going to end but secondly, I'm upset that my Lunar Chronicle experience is nearly coming to an end. So far I'm enjoying this book and it's so interesting to see how all the little stories intertwine with one another's. Winter is an interesting character and I haven't gone many opinions on her just yet as I've only read so little on her but I'm intrigued to see how she will help Cinder and her friends in this book.
  I'll be honest, the size of this book does intimidate me as I have never read a book this big before (I normally stay away from them...) so I do think this book could take me a while to get through, the aim is to finish it in about 2 weeks. I hope that's an understand length, I also have a hectic few weeks due to college and work but I'm going to try and work around that as best as I can.

Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? What was your favourite book of the series? Or what book are you currently up to in the series? I would love to know!
  Also please let me know what you think about me joining youtube and is it something you would like to watch? :)

Love you all,
  Tabitha x