2016 New Years Book and Non-Book Resolutions

4 January 2016

Hey Book Lovers,
  Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about many goals that I want to achieve this year as well as some resolutions that I also want to try and achieve throughout the year of 2016. These resolutions and goals are book related as well as lifestyle related so I hope you enjoy reading this post, I can't stop watching/reading everyones goals (whether they're lifestyle or book based) posts/videos so I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my goals and resolutions. At the end of 2016 I would like to revisit this post and see whether I have achieved any of my goals/resolutions. 

Book Related Goals and Resolutions

I thought I would start with my book related resolutions and goals (seeing as this is a book blog). I'm so happy that I have joined the book blogging community and just the book community in general, I made this blog only two months ago and I have already got a lovely audience and I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read and comment on my posts - so THANK YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE! Anyhow here is my goals and resolutions (book related). 

  1. Read 30 Books or More During the Year of 2016 // This is my goodreads reading challenge, I only set myself a small amount of books as I'm quite new to reading and my reading pace can be quite slow sometimes so I didn't want to be over ambitious with how many books I could read this year! My main aim is to try and read an average of 4 books a month which is I think is quite achievable for me and if I do follow that aim, I should read approx 48 books! I do hope I can reach my goal of 30 books this year. 
  2. Work on Reviewing Skills // I want to review more books this year but like I said, I'm still quite new too the book community so my reviewing skills are not the best but I do try my hardest and hopefully over time my reviews will become more in-depth. So hopefully I will be posting some more book reviews on my blog soon! 
  3. Try and Blog at Least Once or Twice a Week // I really want to try and stick too this goal, I love blogging and I really want to build a great audience and meet other great bloggers but I know I will struggle with that if I'm un-active on my blog! I also just want to keep a good schedule on my blog too! 
  4. Join the Booktube Community // I really want to build up my courage and finally post a video on youtube. I don't know when I will do this but I really want to try at some point. So keep an eye out for that! 
Non-Book Related Goals and Resolutions

So here are my non-book related goals for the year of 2016, I wanted to include these just because I'm enjoying reading and watching other peoples general goals for this year, so I thought it would be fun to share these goals too! 
  1. Stay Positive // I want to try and stay as positive as I can this year and not get stressed (as it just doesn't help any situation). I just think this is a very important resolutions that I want to try and live by as much as I can. 
  2. Stay on Track With Coursework // This year is a really important year regarding my education. I'm currently studying Animal Management at College and I hope to go to University later this year so I need to really knuckle down this year and get those grades! 
  3. Eat Healthier and Aim to do at Least SOME Exercise // I know nearly everyone says this but I really want to try and improve my fitness and health, especially for when I go to University as I want to join a sports club but I want to be relatively fit before I do so! 
So there you have it, all my goals and resolutions for the year of 2016, I do try to achieve all my goals and stick to all of my resolutions but we shall see how the year goes, nether the less I'm excited for what 2016 is going to bring. 
  Have you got any 2016 goals or resolutions?? 

Tabitha x