Books to Read by the Fire (Winter/Holiday Recommendations) // Top 5Wednesday #1

16 December 2015

Top Five Wednesday was created by Lainey gingerreadslainey on YouTube. Check out the T5W goodreads page here.

So this is my first ever 'Top 5 Wednesday' post on my blog and I’m excited to get involved with this meme, I'm going to try and do this post every week (as well as my other posts) but please forgive me if I miss a few, as sometimes I know it can be difficult to come up with answers. This week’s topic is ‘books to read by the fire’, there are many books that I would definitely read by the fire, although unfortunately I do not have a fire place in my house - saying that, my boyfriend does have a fireplace at his house. Either way, laying in a toasty bed is just as good! Here are my top 5... (In no particular order)

This is a great book to read by the fire (OR IN YOUR TOASTY BED) due to the setting of this book. At the beginning of 'The Year of Taking Chances' is set during New Years Eve and follows the pathways of three women who all make new years revolutions together and from then, you see whether they follow them or not. It has it's highs and it's lows but it wraps up perfectly at the end, which is definitely why I would recommend this as a perfect winter/holiday read. 

'Love, Rosie' is such as sweet and easy read. I love that the story was told through letters, emails, newspaper adds and text messages, it was very different from what I normally read and yet it was difficult to read at first, I got used to it pretty quickly and then I fell in love. The story follows to characters and shows the struggles of how loving someone that maybe you shouldn't? Perfect read for a cosy night. 

Harry Potter is such a magical series that it would be silly not to suggest this as a great winter/holiday read and it would especially be perfect for reading by the fire. Even though Harry Potter can be quite dark in places there's always the scenes at christmas and the scenes when everyone is laughing, which just makes it a perfect read, as it as an element of all emotion within them. 

Yes this book is set in summer but only part of it is! This book is a great read, if your looking for a good 'lovey dovey' book. What's great about this is there is a novella to this book, which is set in Christmas. This book follows a girl who meets a guy during summer and you guessed it, she has a summer romance but alas it all ends and then she's left not knowing what to do. She eventually meets another guy but then the heart throb from summer turns up years later and again she has no idea what to do. 

This book is such a wintery and christmasy book, from the white witch to the winter landscapes that is Narnia! I love this book, another magical read which is just perfect to read in bed or by a toasty fire. This book follows the lives of the Pevensie children who get wrapped up in the world of Narnia and the adventures they have there. Just by mentioning this book it makes me want to read it right now! 

There's my top 5 picks for this weeks topic! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought of this post and what you think of me joining the T5W fun! I have linked all the books that I have mentioned their goodreads page and a link to where you can buy them. 

Tabitha x