Hey book lovers,
  First of all I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I had a great day, spending it with my family and having the BEST Christmas dinner. How did you all celebrate Christmas this year? Todays post is going to be short and sweet, I just thought I would share what I received at Christmas (books wise), I was incredible happy with what I did receive and very grateful too. So here is a list and some pictures of the books I received on Christmas Day.
  *Disclamer: This post is purely to share what I received, I enjoy reading these posts so I thought it would be nice to write my own! :)*

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass 
I can't wait to read this book and follow on the story of Celaena and the challenges she must face! 

LUX: Beginnings by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I didn't realise just how sparkly this book is. I'm so happy to get started with this series and whats great is that I have the first two books of the series!

The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige 
Dorothy Must Die was one of my favourite books this year so continuing on with the story is something I'm so glad I can do now. Looking forward to see what's going to happen next. 

Nimona by Noella Stevenson 
This is my first ever graphic novel so I'm intrigued to see what I think of them and whether I want to get more of them! 

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken 
I've heard many great reviews about this series so I'm looking forward to diving in to this book and to see what I think of it. 

Grimm's Complete Fairytales by Brother Grimm
Getting this book came to a surprise but a great surprise indeed. I love the Brothers Grimms tales and I just think they are so nitty gritty so I'm excited to read this one. 

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
My boyfriend surprised me with this book on Boxing Day and I'm over the moon that I have it (I mentioned in my Top 5 Wednesday post that I really want to start this series in the new year!). 

So thats all the books I got on Christmas Day and I'm so grateful for them as well. Did you get any books for Christmas?? 

Tabitha x 

Top Five Wednesday was created by Lainey gingerreadslainey on YouTube. Check out the T5W goodreads page here.

There are so many series I want to start next year so this topic is going to be a great topic for me. I just hope that I at least will be able to start all of the book series that I mention in this post during next year, I'll be very disappointed if I don't. Some of these series I am very behind on but better than never right? In no particular order here are my top 5 series I want to read during the year of 2016...

1. The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout (goodreads)

I've heard so many great things about this series and about Jennifer L. Armentrout in general! The whole story line appeals to me and so I definitely want to dive in to this series as soon as I can get my hands on it! (I have asked for the first two books for Christmas!!). 

2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marrisa Meyer (goodreads)

Another series that is spoken about A LOT.. I love fairytales and retellings, so this book definitely appeals to me! (Another book I have asked for Christmas). I also feel so left out as everyone is reading or has just read the final book to the series so I want to catch up soon! 

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan (goodreads)

A series I feel left behind on. I've recently read a mythology themed book and I loved it. Reminded me how much I love learning about myths and legends and so I would really like to start this book as it's based around mythology and it just seems like such a great series to read! 

4. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon (goodreads)

I watch the youtuber that is Sasha from abookutopia and her favourite series is the outlander series and she's sold it too me! Hopefully in the new year I will be able to grab myself a copy and experience the series myself. 

5. The Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dasher (goodreads)

I have had this series on my shelf for quite some time now and seeing as the second film has come out I want to try and catch up and read all the books (as I love comparing the live action to the book!) I'm planning to hopefully read this soon!

So theres 5 series that I definitely want to read within the next year!! I can't believe 2016 is soon  upon us, so much is happening in that year (including me going to university - CRAZY). I hope you enjoyed this post!

Tabitha x 

Here is my first ever review on my blog and I'm so excited to be sharing this with you all. Please forgive me if it's not great as this is my first ever review but I do hope you enjoy it!


Title// Curse of the Sphinx

Author// Raye Wagner

Genre// Fantasy, Mythology, Young Adult

Published// 11th August 2015

Source// I received a kindle edition of this book from
Raye Wagner herself in exchange of an honest review

Edition// Kindle

Rating// 4 Stars

Synopsis// How long can a monster stay hidden in
plain sight? Seventeen year-old Hope Nicholas has
spent her entire life on the run. But no one is chasing
her. In fact, no one even knows she exists. With
her mom, she's traveled from town to town and
school to school, barely staying long enough to
meet anyone, let alone make any friends. And she'll
have to keep it that way. It's safer. When her mother is brutally ripped away from her, Hope's life shatters. Is this the fulfilment of Apollo's curse, murder from the shadow monsters of the underworld, or have the demigods finally found her? Orphaned and alone, Hope flees again but this time there's no one to teach her who to trust or how to love.

My Review// 
I really enjoyed this book, I thought the whole concept of greek gods still ruling in modern day was so unique and it worked so well. When I was younger I was always so interested in reading about the differently myths and legends that surrounded the greek gods (I still don't know why I haven't picked up the Percy Jackson books yet - maybe in the new year) so this book really appealed to me and I'm so glad I picked up and read it. Hope as a character grew so much during this book, she started off so innocent at the beginning but then you watched her go through horrible scenes which she had to face alone, watching her grow in to a beautiful strong young lady (yet still showing her innocent side every now and then). I loved reading about her changing scenes, where she would change in to her sphinx self, the paragraphs were always so detailed, really showing you what it must be like to go through these changes. It was also fun to picture what the sphinx would look like and so on.
  When I first started reading this book I did get a little lost in the prologue. I got quite confused with what was happening and I still don't 100% understand the actual curse that is the curse of the sphinx (I definitely want to read the novella to this book as I'm sure it will help me understand the back story to the curse a little better). Other than that I really enjoyed the story of this book and I enjoyed all the characters that were within the book too, they helped tie the story together. I also loved when the characters would use god names as curse words, it just made the story feel so real and I just thought it was such a clever idea to add.
  From reading the epilogue at the end I most definitely can't wait for the next book to come out, I just want to know whats going to happen next and see where Hope ends up on her journey.

So there you have it, my first ever review! Like I said I really enjoyed this book and I have linked where you can get above - as well as the goodreads page!
  Please let me know what you think of this review and whether you'll be picking up the Curse of the Sphinx?

Tabitha xx

Top Five Wednesday was created by Lainey gingerreadslainey on YouTube. Check out the T5W goodreads page here.

So this is my first ever 'Top 5 Wednesday' post on my blog and I’m excited to get involved with this meme, I'm going to try and do this post every week (as well as my other posts) but please forgive me if I miss a few, as sometimes I know it can be difficult to come up with answers. This week’s topic is ‘books to read by the fire’, there are many books that I would definitely read by the fire, although unfortunately I do not have a fire place in my house - saying that, my boyfriend does have a fireplace at his house. Either way, laying in a toasty bed is just as good! Here are my top 5... (In no particular order)

This is a great book to read by the fire (OR IN YOUR TOASTY BED) due to the setting of this book. At the beginning of 'The Year of Taking Chances' is set during New Years Eve and follows the pathways of three women who all make new years revolutions together and from then, you see whether they follow them or not. It has it's highs and it's lows but it wraps up perfectly at the end, which is definitely why I would recommend this as a perfect winter/holiday read. 

'Love, Rosie' is such as sweet and easy read. I love that the story was told through letters, emails, newspaper adds and text messages, it was very different from what I normally read and yet it was difficult to read at first, I got used to it pretty quickly and then I fell in love. The story follows to characters and shows the struggles of how loving someone that maybe you shouldn't? Perfect read for a cosy night. 

Harry Potter is such a magical series that it would be silly not to suggest this as a great winter/holiday read and it would especially be perfect for reading by the fire. Even though Harry Potter can be quite dark in places there's always the scenes at christmas and the scenes when everyone is laughing, which just makes it a perfect read, as it as an element of all emotion within them. 

Yes this book is set in summer but only part of it is! This book is a great read, if your looking for a good 'lovey dovey' book. What's great about this is there is a novella to this book, which is set in Christmas. This book follows a girl who meets a guy during summer and you guessed it, she has a summer romance but alas it all ends and then she's left not knowing what to do. She eventually meets another guy but then the heart throb from summer turns up years later and again she has no idea what to do. 

This book is such a wintery and christmasy book, from the white witch to the winter landscapes that is Narnia! I love this book, another magical read which is just perfect to read in bed or by a toasty fire. This book follows the lives of the Pevensie children who get wrapped up in the world of Narnia and the adventures they have there. Just by mentioning this book it makes me want to read it right now! 

There's my top 5 picks for this weeks topic! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought of this post and what you think of me joining the T5W fun! I have linked all the books that I have mentioned their goodreads page and a link to where you can buy them. 

Tabitha x
Hey Book Lovers, 
  Today I thought I would do a festive tag, seeing as it’s Christmas in only 14 days! I absolutely can’t wait till Christmas as it’s definitely one of my favourite seasons, who else is excited for Christmas? I chose to do this tag as I have saw one of my favourite youtube bloggers do it recently (that youtuber being PeruseProject). I know it’s a youtube tag but I thought I’d give it a go on my blog as it’ is Christmas and I wanted to post a relatively Christmasy post! So lets get on with the questions shall we? 


1   Do you have a favourite winter read? 
2  Find a book with blue on the cover. 
3  Pick a book you put as a star on top of your Christmas Tree. 
4  Pick one winter place that would be great for a winter vocation. 
5  Pick a fictional character that you would want to come with you on the winter vocation. 
6  Name a book you really want for Christmas. 


1. I’ve only recently become an avid reader this year (I’ve read many books over passed years but they were more randomly scattered across the year, whereas now, I want to pick up a new book as soon as I’ve finished my last) meaning I don't really have a specific winter read, although I definitely have wintery books on my TBR, one being the lunar chronicles. I have heard so many great things about this specific series, I just think it would also be such as great series to sit down and read during the winter season. 

2. The Year of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond, I read this book earlier this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I also adore the cover. 

3. Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt, Firstly this book is about aliens meaning their are many space elements within this story, it’s also a brilliant read and one of the characters (Rigel) is named after a star. The cover is also really pretty! 

4. New York, in the book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, the main character goes to New York for Christmas and I would absolutely love  to go to New York to celebrate Christmas or New Years (or even both). It always looks so christmasy and I can imagine the Christmas lights are amazing! 

5. I’d probably love to have Wren from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell come with me to New York as I reckon she would be such a laugh yet she would also be understandable when I would want to go to bookstores and so on! I just think she would be a lot of fun, especially if we go to parties. 

6. A book I would love to receive at Christmas is the first book in the LUX series, just like the Lunar Chronicles I have heard many great reviews about this book and I want to dive in to it as soon as I can! 

I hope you liked this post, what other posts would you like to see me post? I would really love the advice and feedback because I really want to improve in my blogging skills and it would be great to hear what you want to see! 

Tabitha x 
Hey book lovers! 
  So this is my first ever wrap up post and I’m pretty excited to share with you what books I have read in the last month – you’ll also probably learn that I’m not the fastest of readers so my wrap-ups may be quite small to some but hopefully my pace with speed up over the next few months! Overall I was pretty satisfied with the books that I did read in the month of November. Here are my thoughts on the books that I read.

// Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone // J.K.Rowling // 5 Stars //

In a previous post I said that I would be starting to read the Harry Potter series and I’m so glad that I have! I absolutely love the films but I felt like I was missing out by not reading the books, my mum had most of the books as she was an early fan of the books (started reading them before the films had even been released) so I thought I would finally pick them up! The first book is so light hearted, just like the film but I felt like I connected more with characters when reading the book, I even connected more with Harry, as I imagined him a lot more vulnerable than he is in the films and I think I prefer that type of harry, so naïve with what’s happening around him yet still very confident. I’ll definitely be picking up the second and maybe the first book within the month of December! (Sneak peak: I’ve already read the second book this month!! I’m loving these books!).

// Girl Online // Zoe Sugg // 3.5 Stars //

Some of you may know Zoe Sugg as a successful youtuber and blogger known as zoella. I have watched Zoe’s videos for as long as I can remember and although I heard mixed reviews on her book, I really wanted to pick up this book as I wanted to give my own opinion. This book is a really sweet and a very cheesy book, probably a little too cheesy for me but known the less I did enjoy this read. I really liked the aspect of anxiety within this book, it really showed the true feelings of someone who is experiencing anxiety and how they coped with it. I’m not sure if I will pick up the sequel of this book but I may do if I fancy an easy, cosy read, as that’s definitely how I would describe this book.

// Fangirl // Rainbow Rowell // 4 Stars //

I heard so many good reviews about this book and I definitely agree with them! It was such a light hearted book and I could definitely relate to Cath with her little obsession and fanfiction writing love as I definitely experienced her emotions when I was a big fan of a boy band (the band was The Wanted and yes they were awesome!!). I adored Levi and I just thought he was sweetheart and more people need to be like Levi!! One thing I didn’t 100% like about the book was the ending, in my head I though Cath would come out of her shell a little bit and maybe warm up to her mum but I still enjoyed this book and I also thought that it was quite a truthful book and I like how Cath stayed to how she wanted to stay and didn’t change for anyone.
  Overall I really enjoyed this book and hope to pick up more books by Rainbow Rowell!!

So that’s all the books I read last month! I hope you liked my little reviews and I promise I will get better at reviewing books but this is the first time I’ve really reviewed any books, so I’m still quite new to this!! I’m debating whether to post a TBR post, let me know if you think I should!
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Tabitha x